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Sun, Sand & C-Cups

by | 18th, August 2004

‘IT’S the midpoint in National Cleavage Week, and the Sun has been taking in the sights in Weston Super Mare.

Jordan’s breasts got in the way of her reading

Of course, what this being the Sun, it’s renamed the town ‘WESTON-SUPER-PAIR’ and invited a few locals to forget the rain, the icy winds and the invasive sand to show readers what they’re made of.

And these girls come from all over. ‘Patriotic’ Jody Cox is a local girl in a union flag bikini, but Amy Millington hails from Walsall and Lucy Gregson travelled down from Blackpool to show us her cleavage.

And who can blame them for making the trip when an appearance on Page 3 can change your life.

Just listen to Krystal, 21, from Manchester as she urges the nation’s young, bored and busty to give it a go.

‘Winning Page 3 Idol changed my life,’ says Krystal. ‘I was just a student, but now people ask for my autograph.’

But the girls of Weston, Torquay and Bournemouth can reach higher than just signing their name on a holidaymaker’s snorkel.

The Star has news that the biggest cleavage of them all is ready to give it up.

Jordan will carry on, but she plans to retire her cleavage to a museum and have her breasts deflated in an effort to be taken more seriously.

But her 34FF top has yet to become a C or D cup, and the paper wants its readers to help Jordan decide what she should do via a phone vote.

But before you dial, listen to what Jordan’s friend has to say.

‘Kate is deadly serious about becoming more respectable,’ says she. ‘She feels that her oversized breasts are the things holding her back from changing her public image.’

Problem is that they are her public image. And it may be that it’s the cleavage and not the girl behind it that goes on to better and bigger things…’

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