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by | 18th, August 2004

‘THE arts world might be all the poorer for it, but the arrival of Lady Louise Windsor has been good for Prince Eddie.

‘And through the round window…’

Sure, he’s not making cutting-edge films about granny and the family’s castles any more, but that’s because he’s busy being a terrific dad.

Even we TV addicts – who during Eddie’s paternal leave from the magic box are reduced to getting by on a diet of American imports and soaps – are forced to admit that he’s as good at being a dad as he is at programme making.

And there he is in the Mail, pushing the lovely Lady Louise along in her buggy during a walk on Mummy’s Balmoral Estate.

In the Mail’s eyes, this makes Eddie ‘very much the modern hands-on father’.

Although we should say that if that were true, he’d most likely have taken the nanny, who accompanied Eddie and Louise on their walk, for a private stroll into the bushes.

But Eddie’s a one-woman man. And in case any of us have forgotten what she looks like, the Mail also has a shot of the hard-working Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

But more important than mum and dad is Louise’s pram, which serves to epitomise the Wessexes’ break with fusty traditions.

They’ve ignored the Silver Cross pram, the mainstay of the Royal nanny, in favour of a ‘trendy three-wheel, all-terrain buggy’ – the Robin Reliant of the buggy world.

There is no end to this whacky couple’s originality. And the mind boggles at what they will do next.

Their unpredictability renders guessing useless and we will just have to wait and see.

Who knows, one day Eddie may take a breather and give his fans what we really want – a made-for-TV film about his Louise and what it’s like being a dad in today’s fast-paced world…’

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