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Beggars’ Belief

by | 18th, August 2004

‘NORMALLY staff at internet firms have to wait a couple of months before they are thrown out on the streets to beg for all their unpaid wages, but a Chinese company is doing it as part of its training.

Owner Li Jing-hua explained that the exercise was designed to teach new staff to be thick-skinned and less self-conscious after 10 trainees were spotted begging every 100 metres along Changchun’s Chongqing Road.

‘Making the staff kneel on the busiest street is meant to rid them of their shyness so that they can be brave enough to face clients,’ she said.

Li said the company would not sack anyone who refused to beg, but a local sociologist said the practice was ‘insulting’ and infringed upon the human rights of the trainees.

So, expect to see it in the UK in a matter of weeks.’

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