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If Ignorance Is Bliss…

by | 19th, August 2004

‘THERE is something called the George Bush test among examiners – if the US President can get an A-grade, then the exam is too easy.

D is for Dubya

Thankfully, the standard has never been invoked because there is no test devised by man that Dubya can pass.

This is a man who in 2001 claimed that ‘border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better’ and asked singer Charlotte Church what state Wales was in.

But when it comes to geography, Bush’s ignorance appears to be shared by many of his fellow Americans.

In 2002, a National Geographic survey discovered that 85% of young Americans couldn’t find Israel, Iraq or Afghanistan on a map. An amazing 30% couldn’t even find the Pacific.

Not that young Brits would probably fare much better – the Independent this morning publishes a map of the world and asks its readers to identify 25 countries and cities.

Anyone who guesses three correctly gets a geography A-level. Anyone who guesses four or more gets an A-grade. Anyone who fails to get any becomes President of the United States…’

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