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Posh’s Baby Riddle

by | 20th, August 2004

”POSH SEES BABY DOC’ announces the Sun in huge letters, alongside – in smaller typeface: ‘Pregnancy No.3 riddle’.

Has Posh been messing around with Baby Doc?

And this is a riddle that would have even Batman’s arch-enemy The Riddler scratching his head and frowning in puzzlement behind his sinister mask.

Has Posh been hallucinating following a spot of sun-stroke brought on by too much poolside ennui, and had nightmarish visions of a small baby with stethoscope and speculum?

Or has she been having a clandestine affair with ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier, despotic son of dictator dad Papa Doc?

He left Haiti some years ago and is now living in exile in Paris, within easy walking distance of some of Europe’s poshest shops. One can see the attraction for a ladylike Victoria.

But no. It seems that the answer is more prosaic. She’s up the duff again, David’s the Dad, and we can expect a third wave of Beckham Baby madness soon, with the arrival of Bernebau, or Paella, or Zara, or Prada, or…

Anyway good luck, and hope it looks like its Real dad.’

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