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Swearing Blind

by | 20th, August 2004

‘KIDS today, eh? Joan Hopkins had waited night and day for 41 days by the bedside of her 22-year-old son as he lay in a coma following a car accident.

And what were his first words to her when he eventually regained consciousness? “Thank you”? “I love you, Mum”? Not a bit of it. The first think young Joey said was “F*** Off!”

‘I told the nurse I’d know when he was getting better because he’d swear at me,” said 37-year-old Joan.

“At that moment he told me to ‘f*** off’. It was such a relief – it was his way of telling me he was going to be all right. He hasn’t stopped talking since.’

The builder now faces up to two years fighting back to full health from head injuries, a collapsed lung and a broken neck and back sustained in the accident in Portsmouth.’

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