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Life In The Slow Lane

by | 23rd, August 2004

‘MOTORWAYS have three lanes: one for caravans; one for lorry drivers on speed, coaches of OAPs and men in leatherette driving gloves steering burgundy-coloured Rovers; and one for everybody else.

White caravan man

But not all of us know our proper place, and the Independent has seen research by the RAC Foundation that says some of us get in the wrong lane and refuse to budge.

According to the study, these ‘outside-lane blockers’, ‘middle-lane hogs’ and other drivers blessed with poor lane discipline are wasting up to a third of motorway capacity at heavy periods.

The other thing slowing down traffic is what the survey terms ‘phantom traffic jams’.

We’ve all been there when the traffic suddenly begins to crawl along. You think there’s been an accident ahead or a Pizza Delivery boy has mistakenly wandered onto the motorway.

But there’s nothing. When began with a flurry of red brake lights was an incident that never existed.

This, dear driver, is a phantom traffic jam. And, apparently, it’s caused by tailgating motorists pressing the brakes when the car ahead so much as flinches.

So please stop it. Better driving will free up 700 miles of motorway.

Space which can then be used for worthy projects, like housing the homeless, providing well-accessed starter homes and a picnic area for caravaners…’

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