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It’s Insania

by | 23rd, August 2004

‘HERO and Lysander. Anthony and Cleopatra. Romeo and Juliet. Napoleon and Josephine. Day-vid and Victoria…

‘Stop following me, dwarf man!’

To this pantheon of great romances we must now add the names of Peter and Jordan, as we join OK! over 17 ‘world exclusive’ pages in celebrating the romance of the century.

And in honour of the happy couple, Anorak can announce that it is giving away signed copies of its award-winning docu-drama ‘Insania: The Fumble In The Jungle’ to 50 lucky readers.

‘He was a pint-sized Aussie midget, with his best years behind him; she was an English mo-del with three tonnes of silicone in front of her.

‘But when they met, it was Insania…’

To win a copy of this seminal 96-minute feature, readers need only answer this simple question: ‘How many Fs are there in Jordan?’ 1) 0; 2) 1; 3) 2.

In the event that more than 50 readers get the correct answer of 2, then they will be required to complete a tie-break question (in no more than 15 words): ‘I bought Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl because…’

If there is still a tie, readers will have to undergo our very own version of a Bushtucker Challenge.

They must read through the whole of OK!’s ‘holiday exclusive’ interview with the couple on their return from the Maldives…without throwing up.

Easy? We think not – as this brief excerpt will show…

Peter: ‘Put it this way – this holiday has really solidified our relationship. It was the best thing that could have happened for us.’

Jordan: ‘We’ve spent a lot of time together anyway since we left the jungle, but to be in a remote place like the Maldives really tests whether you get on.’

Peter: ‘It just made us stronger than ever. It’s taken us to the next level in our relationship.’

Jordan: ‘What are you trying to say, Pete? That you’re in love with me?’

Peter: ‘Yes, I am.’

Jordan: ‘And I’m in love with you too, Peter.’


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