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A Matter Of Life And Death

by | 23rd, August 2004

‘IT’S results time for both Katy and Sunita as the pair wait to learn if they’re going to live or die; Sunita from her brain tumour and Katy from her dad Tommy once he finds out she’s messed up her A-levels.

The street bike

Sunita’s operation was a complete success and she’s been told there’s nothing wrong with her brain now. She may want to get a second opinion, however, as the first thing she did on leaving hospital was ask Dev to marry her.

“You’ll be worth three and a half corner shops when you split up,” Blanche told Sunita. “Well done, lass!” High praise indeed.

Things aren’t looking so good for Katy, however, as she lied to her father about her exams results. “Straight A’s” she told him.

To be fair to Katy, she knew that if she’d told him the truth then boyfriend Martin was likely to end up picking pieces of his face off the Weatherfield cobbles.

“I’m so proud of yer!” Tommy exclaimed before handing her a cheque for £200. Katy guiltily took the money – well, she’s going to need it to put towards her flight to Australia for when Tommy finds out the truth.

There were more secrets and lies on the Street this week as Warren, Frankie and Danny’s younger son, turned up on their doorstep, claiming that he’d injured his ankle and the football club he plays for had told him to take two weeks off.

Coronation Street producers need to tread carefully in their attempts to turn Weatherfield into ‘Footballers Wives With Pigeons’. Mike Baldwin was tolerated as ‘the only Cockney in the village’, but bring in many more characters from the Dick Van Dyke school of Cockney accents and viewers will start revolting.

Warren, it turns out, has actually been dropped by his football club for having a bad attitude – a fact he tried to keep quiet from new girlfriend Candice.

Candice was revelling in her status as the new Posh Spice of Weatherfield. “My Warren’s not flash like other footballers,” she smugly told Leanne in the caff. “That’s cos he’s not a footballer,” Leanne took great delight in telling her.

Leanne is in fine stirring form this week, managing to wind up not only Candice but also boyfriend Jamie and his mother, Frankie.

Leanne stayed over at Jamie’s for the first time this week and took great delight in rubbing stepmother Frankie’s nose in it. “What’s fer breakfast?” she asked after coming bounding down the stairs. “I’ve worked up a right appetite me.”

A fuming Frankie threw her out the house. “You little slut,” she screeched, “you stay away from my son.”

Maria lost no time in telling Frankie all the gory details of Leanne’s past. “That bitch cost me my fiancé,” she told her, conveniently overlooking the fact that it was actually her inability to believe a word Nick said that drove him away.

Frankie lost no time in imparting her news to her stepson. “’Ere! Is it true you’re a druggie and the street bike?” he confronted Leanne in that endearingly intelligent, caring way of his.’

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