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Marathon Mouse

by | 24th, August 2004

‘IN the world of science, where mice lead, human beings follow.

‘Sniff! I feel like I’ve let everyone down’

And we’d best get a wiggle on because the Times brings news of the mighty mouse.

Researchers in South Korea and America had planned to create a genetically modified mouse with less fat tissue than normal.

Why they wanted to do this is totally unclear to all but the finest mouse connoisseurs.

But in trying for a leaner mouseburger, the lab rats hit upon what the paper terms the ‘marathon mouse’.

In enhancing the activity of the PPAR-delta gene, researchers found that the mice grow more ‘slow twitch’ muscle fibres needed for endurance at the expense of ‘fast-twitch’ fibres used for the sprints.

The result is a mouse that can run twice the 900 meters a normal mouse can muster without panting for breath.

This is bad news for cats, but terrific news for the Paula Radcliffes of the mouse world that, unlike their human counterpart, will stop at nothing to reach their goal…’

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