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by | 25th, August 2004

‘NO longer does David Beckham hanker after a plateful of chips in his adopted Spanish home.

Geoff was delighted with the results of the operation

In the year since he joined Real Madrid, the England captain has developed an appreciation for all things Spanish – the food, the wine, the language, the women…

And the Star claims this morning that Becks has been up to his old tricks, bombarding a beautiful Spanish model with text messages.

Former bodyguard Delfin Fernandez says that Beckham took one look at sultry Blanca Romero at a party last year and said: ‘I want that woman.’

The allegations were described as ‘absolute rubbish’ by the Beckhams, while Blanca’s mum said her daughter was at the dinner party with her husband, while Beckham was with his wife.

However, Beckham does have an admirer from the Iberian peninsula.

Big Brother winner Nadia Almada says she would like to go on a date with Becks.

‘Victoria’s going to kill me, but I think David’s cute – if he keeps his mouth shut,’ the Portuguese transsexual tells the Sun.

‘If he smiles rather than saying hello to me, that’ll be fine. A kiss on the hand or something will do’

A dirty text message, perhapsÂ…’

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