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by | 26th, August 2004

‘WHILE large amounts of alcohol make others appear far more attractive, it turns your complexion as grey as fag ash.

‘But I only had one vodka Red Bull’

So the Portman group, a body run by the drinks industry, has come up with novel way to trying to curtail the rise in binge drinking among women.

The new message is a simple one: drinking makes you ugly.

Only, it’s not put in quite such blunt terms, and the Guardian says that women drinkers will be challenged by a more subtle message, delivered in poster form.

These pictures capture the style of beauty products, with alluring female faces staring out above vials of creams and messages like: ‘Put sickening regrets and gruesome skin behind you by allowing your natural moderation to shine through…’

The potion that prevents the ravages of an alcohol-based diet taking hold of your face is called ‘masq crème de regret’.

And the women seeing it in the 250 pubs and clubs that will showcase the posters next month will surely stop their drinking and stick to the recommended intake of no more than two to three units a day.

Or they won’t, and the masq de regret will prove to be no potion of fine liquid silk, exotic plant extracts and desiccated baby otters but a combination of dried sick, smeared lipstick and curry sauce…’

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