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The Name Game

by | 27th, August 2004

‘IT’S hard being Britney Spears. You wake up, you’ve got a dry mouth, you’ve got a splitting headache and you’ve got a new husband lying beside you in bed.

‘Oh, shit. That makes me Mrs Winton’

Just another Sunday morning at the Spears household, you might think, but it is not without its problems.

You don’t know how your new husband takes his coffee, you don’t know how he likes his eggs done. Hell, you don’t even know his name.

And that means you don’t know your own name. Britney what?

It’s a problem for a young girl and that’s why we’re glad to see in the Sun that Brit’s new fiancĂ© has taken steps to avoid just such a situation.

Dancer Kevin Federline has given the 22-year-old a T-shirt with the words ‘Mrs Federline’ emblazoned across it.

It may be a bit premature – Britney and Kevin haven’t even got married yet. But it’s better to be safe than sorry with these things.

Problems, however, could arise if Britney has to put the shirt in the wash before her November nuptials.

What will she pull out of the laundry basket? Mrs Alexander? Mrs Federline? Mrs Timberlake? Mrs Von Dutch..?’

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