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Celebrity Catfight

by | 27th, August 2004

‘HOLLYWOOD is like a giant playpen, a fantasy world populated by stars and starlets boasting the emotional maturity (and indeed the height) of an average three-year-old.

Anorak’s bestest friend in the whole wide world

And so it is no surprise to read in this week’s Enquirer that Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan almost came to blows recently…over which one was Paris Hilton’s best friend.

Have you ever heard of anything so pathetic in all your life? Everyone knows that we at Anorak are Paris’s best friend and we’ll pull the hair of anyone who suggests otherwise.

Someone described as “an insider familiar with the bitter confrontation at the Palms Casino Hotel” takes up the tale.

“Tara called Lindsay every name in the book,” the source says. “And things got worse after Tara consumed a few cocktails.

“At one point Tara even threatened, ‘I’m gonna punch your lights out!’ to a stunned Linsday. And Tara meant it.”

Really? She was actually going to go round to Lindsay’s room and extinguish all artificial illumination therein with her fists?

We think not – but meanwhile Lindsay was giving as good as she got.

“Lindsay,” our insider says, “shot back that Tara is nothing but a washed-up B-list starlet who was desperately trying to hold on to her A-list friends like Paris.”

As for the cause of the row, the Enquirer explains that Tara was jealous because Lindsay had become close to Paris after giving her ex-boyfriend Nick Carter a piece of her mind.

So, Tara hit back with the Californian equivalent of pulling someone’s pigtails and started suggesting that Lindsay had had a boob job.

“It got back to Lindsay,” the magazine reports, “and she was furious.”

What about the lip implants and remodelled chin? Hadn’t Tara even noticed those?’

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