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by | 31st, August 2004

‘REMEMBER when Cilla Black would ask loved-up contestants on TV’s Blind Date if she should “buy meeself ern ‘at”?

Just be thankful they found each other…and not you

Back then romance on TV was a rarity. Now, all you need do is appear on a reality show for Cupid’s arrow to strike.

So this week, OK! takes time to remember those who met in the green room, appeared under the glare of studio lights, canoodled, called their PR agents and then fell madly in love.

There’s pint-sized Peter Andre and his Mysterious Girl – “How does she walk? It’s a mystery!” – Jordan.

There’s Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson, Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee, Mel Hill and Alex Sibley, Lee Davey and Sophie Pritchard, and Zoe Brikett and Mark Rhodes.

To think that these people who achieved their celebrity rank via appearances on reality TV shows might breed is truly remarkable. And even more amazing that it will not be filmed.

But you aren’t listening, because you’ve spotted the glaring omission in our real love list.

So a roll on the drums, a tremble on the cymbals and a blow on our second whistle for Ulrika Jonsson and Lance Gerrard-Wright.

And… what do you mean, not them? You can’t mean Vanessa Nimmo and Ben Fogle. You do!

Come on, you really do watch too much TV if you’re interested in that pair.

Time to try doing something else instead – like staying in and buttering your head…’

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