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by | 31st, August 2004

‘AS anyone who saw Robin Cook rocking like a demented gnome to D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better and John Prescott getting drenched in water at the Brits knows, politics and pop are not easy bedfellows.

‘And the award for Best Presidential Hair goes to…’

Every dour political party needs a bit of razzamatazz to toss stardust into the eyes of an insipid and bored electorate.

But they do not need Britney Spears.

Someone described as an insider in the Republican Party tells the Star that the singer’s appearance at the Republican convention in New York has been cancelled.

And why? “We are a serious political party fighting to stay in power,” says the source. “We just don’t get what Britney has to offer our cause.”

We at Anorak take the point, and agree that it would be a mistake for someone of George Bush’s massive intellect and great standing to be associated with a blonde who’s made a fool of herself in public.

Better to ask Bush’s daughters Jenna (blonde) and Barbara (less blonde) to take to the stage at the annual MTV Music Awards in Miami and tells the crowd to vote for pop.

”Educate yourself and vote,” screamed Jenna, who, as the Mail says, at least had the brain power to deliver her message via a video to the assembled music fans.

The same cannot be said of John Kerry’s daughters, Vanessa (blonde) and Alex (red), who, the Mail says, appeared in person to address the crowd.

“My sister and I are thrilled to be here,” said Alex from the stage. “I suggest that we all take this chance to get out and vote.”

And that’s not to vote for the Best Use of The Word “Ho” in Rap or the Best Hair In Pop, but to vote for her dad to be the leader of the free world.

This did not go down too well with the crowd, who jeered and booed the pair. Alex tried to reach out and win the crowd over by placing a finger over her lips.

But even this oh-so un-patronising gesture was greeted with catcalls and demands for them to go and go quickly lest they be on the wrong end of some direct, politically-motivated action.’

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