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The Young Fogeys

by | 31st, August 2004

‘IF, by the sounds of it, white is the new black, then old is the new young.

Maggie wears suit, £49.99 by Doggie Style; bag by Funkaware…

Tweed skirts, sensible shoes and pussy-bow blouses are this autumn’s big fashion news; caravanning is cool and Scrabble is the ‘in’ pastime on both sides of the Atlantic.

And, says the Independent, “young fogeys” are the latest socio-cultural phenomenon.

It seems that we have been so overloaded with sexy, youthful imagery that we are now bored with it.

According to analysis by HeadlightVision, today’s young urban adults are more receptive to wholesome advertising campaigns.

And, says the paper, this mirrors the growth in popularity of what used to be considered blue-rinse pursuits, such as bingo and bridge.

Even Jordan and Peter Andre, those gurus of urban chic, admitted that they spent most of their recent holiday together on the Maldives playing Scrabble.

How many points for INSANIA on a double word score?’

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