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A Little Weed

by | 1st, September 2004

‘ON slow news days like this, we often turn to the Mail’s Richard Kay and remind ourselves what’s occurring in polite society.

Anything to declare?

And today we’re disappointed to learn that the Hon Henry Allsopp, godson of Camilla Parker Bowles and brother to TV’s Kirstie, has been busted by the police.

While on holiday in Bermuda, Lord Hindlip’s 31-year-old son was spotted by a customs officer as he awaited processing at Bermuda airport.

He was taken to a small room, ordered to strip and was horrified to see that some drug-taking lowlife had strapped half an ounce of cannabis to his penis.

But, whether mule or wannabe donkey, the allegation was that the drugs were his own and that he’d been trying to smuggle the contraband into the Caribbean island.

Had only dear Henry used a rolled up sock like any other insecure lad he might have just been laughed at rather than brought before the Beak.

“I’m an upstanding citizen,” sobbed Henry as he pleaded for clemency from the Worshipful Archibald Warner.

“I have no previous convictions for anything, not even a driving offence… Please don’t send me to prison.”

And at that, he was free. Sure, he was fined the better part of £2,000 and exposed as a snivelling wretch, but he is now at liberty.

And he’d best not to it again, lest he place himself in line for a stretch of an altogether more painful (and longer) sort than that offered by a lump of hash…’

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