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by | 1st, September 2004

‘SEVEN years after untimely death, Princess Diana can finally rest in peace, knowing that she will be remembered forever in a temperamental piece of concrete guttering in London’s Hyde Park.

‘I’ll be proper gutted when I croak’

Time (and some inconvenient leaves) may have dried our tears, but the Queen Of Hearts lives on in our memories…and in the pages of Hello!

To mark the anniversary of her passing to a world where Chris de Burgh plays on an eternal loop and Harvey Nichols never shuts, the magazine publishes an exclusive extract from a new book about her life – Diana: The Portrait.

Shame on you who say that there is nothing more to know about the woman who brought such joy into the hearts of so many magazine editors!

This is the definitive book about her life, the memories of those who really knew her (and not a cheap attempt to cash in on the seemingly inexhaustible market for Dianabilia).

And so it is we learn that her childhood was “far closer to the ordinary citizens of England than her social background might first appear to suggest”.

True, she lived in a large house, she was brought up by a nanny and she was surrounded by lots of servants – but who isn’t these days?

And besides, Diana had to cope with the divorce of her parents, academic underachievement and illness – experiences, the book says, that put her in touch with many of those less privileged members of society.

Go to any council estate in the country, talk to the yoof in the inner cities and the same questions keep coming up.

Shall I live in Mummy’s estancia in Argentina or with Daddy in the family estate at Althorp? Shall I marry Prince Charles or Prince Andrew?

Which will be more useful – an O-level in Baking or in Flower Arranging?

And there to answer those questions for us are people with names like Anthony Duckworth Chad, who married Diana’s cousin Elizabeth Wake-Walker.

Or Tony The Chad and Lizzie Walker, as they’re known in less polite circles…’

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