Anorak News | Sleeping Ex-Partner

Sleeping Ex-Partner

by | 2nd, September 2004

‘DIVORCE need not always be a painful thing. Take the case of 30-year-old Shahzad Alam and his fragrant wife, 14-year-old Firdause.

The couple from Purana Kasbe, Uttar Pradesh, India, were married last month after a seven-year engagement.

But it was not to last.

And while the child bride was sleeping at her father’s home, her charming husband uttered ‘talaq’ (I divorce you) three times.

The girl’s father, Israul Mahmood explains. ‘After marriage, Firdause was living at our place, hoping her husband would soon take her to his house. But that did not happen,” says he.

‘The groom came one day this week when Firdause was asleep, uttered triple talaq in front of all of us and left. We are in a state of shock.”

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