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by | 2nd, September 2004

‘THERE is something rather cruel in the Sun’s story of the hen owner who brought home a packet of eggs.

‘Wanna see my six pack?’

Sure she loves eggs – who doesn’t? – but did Raija Bennet have to flaunt the young, embryonic chickens under the beak of her pet hen, Biscuit?

Little wonder that the hen became upset and only calmed down when her Raija placed the packet of Tesco eggs under her waggling parson’s nose.

And there they sat for three weeks – until one of the eggs hatched and out popped a Tesco ready meal in the shape of a young chick.

“The egg started chirping on Thursday,” says Raija to the Express, “so we knew something was going to happen.

Nothing gets past her, although we are surprised when a chicken fancier then says: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it [the chick] pop out from underneath Biscuit the next morning.”

Our mind boggles at what she expected to see. Sure a supermarket egg that turns into a bird is unusual, but did Raija really expect a chirping crocodile or a pygmy ostrich?

But back to the story proper and the Express’s news that hen and chick are doing well – and just as soon as some stuffing and a large onion can be found, they will be doing even better…’

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