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Bored Thin

by | 3rd, September 2004

‘THE Atkins diet has long baffled doctors and nutritionists.

Clive should have stuck to spotting trains

How can a regime of bacon and eggs and high-fat products help us all to lose weight?

Now, the answer is at hand – according to the Telegraph, a group of Danish scientists have concluded that Atkins literally bores the pounds off.

It is the diet’s “monotony and simplicity” that suppresses the appetite and so reduces a dieter’s calorie intake.

There is no evidence that the actual diet itself – cutting out starchy and sugary foods and eating more fat and protein – has any positive effect.

However, we have a question – if “monotony and simplicity” are the keys to losing weight, how come there were so many fat people in New York last night listening to President Bush speak?’

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