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A Glass Act

by | 3rd, September 2004

‘DOCTOR Lillian Glass is the American equivalent of Raj Persaud – a woman for whom the human mind is an open book.

‘I know what you’re thinking…’

Only a couple of weeks ago, the National Enquirer’s pet shrink was a sex expert, warning the magazine’s readers that Britney Spears was almost certainly a sex addict.

This week, she is introduced to us as a ‘world-renowned body language expert’ and the news for Britney is not much better.

The talented Dr Glass has studied a series of photos by the Enquirer which showed the pop tart playing stepmom to fiancé Kevin Federline’s two-year-old daughter Kori.

And her shocking verdict is that the happy family snap is ‘phoney through and through’.

‘Britney’s shoulders are hunched over as the father puts on the daughter’s shoes,’ says Beverly Hill’s busiest psychologist and author of the book, I Know What You’re Thinking.

‘Britney’s hands are clasped as if she’s trying to hold on to herself. She is clearly insecure in this relationship.’

The magazine’s favourite quack – the self-styled ‘first lady of communication’ – continues, suggesting that Britney is just using Kori as a prop.

‘Britney totally ignores her,’ she says, ‘and does this open-mouthed expression again. She missed the opportunity to connect because she’s so wrapped up in herself.

‘You’ll notice that she makes no move towards the child. There’s no tender hug, no protective arm. It’s all about Britney.’

However, in her haste to damn Britney, Dr Glass fails to notice an obvious reason for the singer keeping her distance from young Kori – and that is the toddler is a complete minger.

A mother’s love may be blind, but a prospective stepmum’s sadly isn’t – and Britney is only too aware that Federline Jnr was at the back of the line when good looks were being handed out.

Well, almost at the back. There’s always James Farrell…’

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