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by | 3rd, September 2004

‘DOCTOR Jon Turk is one of the world’s top plastic surgeons – an expert on liposculpture (the removal of unsightly flab and putting sexy curves where none existed).

The bum that launches a thousand, er, ships

And when he speaks (through his collagen-enhanced lips), we pin back our ears (literally) and listen.

So, when Dr Turk declares in this week’s National Enquirer that Beyonce Knowles has ‘the best butt in the world’, we can but nod our (recently repaved) heads and concur.

‘Women would kill to have a gluteus maximus like Beyonce,’ says the New York-based silicone wizard.

‘Just by looking at her in the photos, I can tell that it’s real – just as nature intended it.’

A recent poll of FHM readers, who like to think they are experts in such matters, put both Carmen Electra and Kylie Minogue ahead of Beyonce in the arse stakes.

But Dr Turk says that Jennifer Lopez has the only bum that comes close, and 23-year-old Beyonce has her beat.

‘It’s always a toss-up between too big and too small,’ says our anatomical landscape gardener. ‘What Beyonce has is one in a million – just right.’

An arse in a million, if ever we heard – er, we mean saw – one…’

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