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The Eyes Have It

by | 6th, September 2004

‘AT a time when the mothers of Beslan in southern Russia are burying their massacred children, a woman in Kent is getting stuck into the issues that really matter.

‘If you don’t stop putting lipstick on rabbits, I’ll blow myself up’

There she is in the Times, in attendance at Animal Rights 2004, the first international animal rights conference to be held in Britain.

That sounds very grand, indeed. And we do not doubt that, just like at a real conference by one of the big political movements, there were speeches, focus groups and lots of bed-hopping.

There was also the woman with the dyed red hair and the word ‘TERRORIST’ written on her head in colour co-ordinated red ink.

And stood before her, in the genteel environs of East Peckham, around five miles from well-heeled Tonbridge, Kent, was a self-defence instructor telling Red and her pals how to inflict maximum damage on the evil-doers who defile an animal’s rights.

‘Start with the head,’ says the animal-loving instructor. ‘You can punch the eyes. You can eye-gouge. To damage the optic nerve, push [your fingers] into the eyes and press down.’

Yeah, let’s get the humans, they are the scum of the earth. You can’t even eat them – well, not legally.

So let’s hear it for the likes of Keith Mann, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front, who attended the three-day event at a private animal sanctuary, dubbed by the Guardian an ‘activists’ training camp’.

‘We have to break the law,’ says he. ‘Legitimate protesting has been criminalised in this country.’

Then, inspired by his cohorts’ vow to mount ten ‘terror’ attacks a night on the staff of companies involved in vivisection, he says: ‘If there were 20 attacks a day, that would be better.

‘If there were 50 attacks that would be even better and the sooner vivisection will be brought to an end.’

And it might not just be vivisection that stokes the animal terrorist’s ire, as the Independent includes in its list of things to hate humans involved in the meat, clothing and entertainment industries.

With such a large target group, it might just be that shoving your fingers into a human being’s eyes is not enough.

Nor even popping their eyelids open and dropping in some experimental liquid that promises fuller lashes.

If these terrorists want to step thing up a bit, the advice is for them to see what some others who labour under that job description are getting up to.

It’s all over the front pages…’

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