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by | 6th, September 2004

‘TWO topics now which, when combined, tell you something about science and scientists in today’s Britain.

‘Dr Alan Slater, I presume’

The first is found in the Times and involves the work of Alan Slater and his team of researchers at Exeter University.

His work will be showcased to the world later this week at the British Association For The Advancement Of Science Festival, but the paper has obtained a sneak preview of the ground-breaking things science fans can expect to learn.

For instance, a baby is more likely to gaze at a picture it finds agreeable than to look at one it detests.

Genius? You betcha.

And so to the second science story of the day, which can be found in the Guardian.

In a poll conducted by the BBC and the British Association, the country’s favourite on-screen scientists are…Dr Bunsen Honeydew and his trusty sidekick Beaker.

The co-founders of the Isn’t Science Nifty Foundation added a dose of higher intelligence to the Muppets television series.

Neither, however, are available for comment – being too busy setting next year’s GCSE science papers…’

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