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When Doves Cry

by | 6th, September 2004

‘WE always cry at weddings…and all of us here at Anorak Towers had tears of laughter streaming down our cheeks on Lisa Scott Lee and Johnny Shentall’s big day.

The Shentall-Lees

Unaccountably, we were left off the guest list for the ‘fairy-tale’ ceremony that united a couple who ‘have long been faces on the British pop scene’.

However, thanks to OK!’s ‘world exclusive’ coverage of the ‘traditional day with a modern twist’, we can bring you all the news of what’s been dubbed (by OK!) ‘the wedding of the year’.

And we are happy to report that the nuptials will go down as the benchmark by which every future C-list marriage will be judged.

Not a cliché was left unturned from the moment the bride (in meringue by Elizabeth Todd) walked up the aisle to Wagner’s Bridal March to be joined in wedded bliss to the groom (in white tie by Moss Bros).

‘As she reached the top of the aisle,’ OK! reports, ‘her eyes locked with Johnny’s and both of them fought back the tears – it was obvious it would be an emotional service.’

And indeed it was – the bride and groom both struggled to compose themselves before, after a few deep breaths, ‘they were able to say the vows they so obviously mean to keep’.

And the whole congregation were openly weeping when Lisa’s brother, Pop Idol loser, Andy Scott-Lee took to the pulpit to sing an a cappella version of Amazing Grace.

But it was the horse-drawn lilac carriage that ferried the happy couple to the reception at Great Fosters that was what really set us at Anorak off.

And the tears soon started streaming down our faces when we saw the Shentall-Lees (as they will now be known) release two white doves ‘to symbolise their love for each other’.

‘With a flurry,’ reports OK!, ‘the doves soared through the sky and everyone took a moment to enjoy the occasion.’

And then, like Lisa and Johnny, the birds were never seen or heard of again…’

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