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Into The Light

by | 6th, September 2004

‘IT hasn’t taken Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson long to rise from well-deserved anonymity to superstar status.

In her mother’s shadow

In OK!’s montage of ‘snogging superstars’ this week, Big Brother’s Romeo and Juliet are sandwiched between such stellar couples as Justin and Cameron and Peter and Jordan.

Thankfully, however, there is no place among the Kians and Jodis and the Jamies and Louises for Michelle and Stuart’s fellow Big Brother housemate Kitten Pinder and her girlfriend Lianda (or Liander, as OK! spells it).

Anarchist she may be (or at least she would be if she even knew what one was), but Kitten still shares the same dreams as the likes of Lisa Scott-Lee – an OK! wedding.

As no doubt does Allegra Feltz, eldest daughter of the great Vanessa, who also makes her debut in this week’s magazine.

OK! reports that the stylish teen has up to now seen fame rather like doughnuts – something that should all be enjoyed by her mother.

But now she is 18, she’s decided that it’s high time to face the nation and to ‘step out of her mother’s shadow’.

Which is no mean feat at the best of times…and quite impossible in late afternoon.’

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