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by | 7th, September 2004

‘HELL has finally opened a branch office here on earth – it’s run by former footballer David Ginola, it’s called The Centre and it’s an exclusive retreat for stressed-out celebs.

Many are called, few are chosen

In fact, so exclusive is it that we cannot even tell you where it is – the Star will only say that it is set in a secret location in the Wiltshire countryside.

But we will no doubt soon find out as a procession of soap stars, reality TV contestants and boyband members queue up to check themselves.

The Centre’s slogan is a cringingly awful ‘Be well, be safe, believe’.

With the calibre of guest expected to sign up for Ginola’s treatments, perhaps it should be ‘Be well, be safe, B-list’ or maybe even ‘Secret, Ce-leb, C-list.’

So secret in fact is The Centre that not only do we not know where it is, it appears that most celebs don’t either – and Ginola has had to invite in a BBC crew to generate some publicity.

Eamonn Holmes and crew were, says the Star, given exclusive access for the hour-long show, which will be broadcast later this month to whichever man and his dog watches BBC3.

‘This is a man who believes he has a gift,’ Holmes says of former French captain Ginola, ‘and anyone who meets him knows this to be true.’

Some people get the gift of healing, others get the gift of music and Ginola gets the gift of looking after stressed-out celebs.

The wisdom of God truly doth pass all understanding…’

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