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Keeping Us Sweet

by | 8th, September 2004

‘NEWS now from the train platform, where commuters are cock-a-hoop at the latest wheeze.

GNER’s lemon sherbet offer wasn’t a big success

Sure, they are delighted that a train is finally approaching the platform – although the fatigue brought upon by a lengthy wait and prayer means they are unable to dance and cheer as they should – but there is more.

The Times has noticed that in the commuters’ Nicotine-stained, twitching and chewed fingers – passengers who take the service between Liverpool Street and Norwich – are small blue boxes.

These objects – each one the size of a credit card – carry the words ‘Thank you’ and hold within them no fewer than 50 tiny mint-flavoured sweets.

They have been given as a token of friendship by staff at Network Rail to commuters who have had to endure an extra half an hour on each journey made along the line for the past eight weeks.

‘The mints were meant to be a small gesture to show commuters that we really appreciate their patience,’ explains Jenny Scare, a spokesperson for Network Rail.

‘A lot of the commuters we spoke to were very pleased with the mints.’

So too were the station staff, who reported that when they were screamed at and spat on, the angry passengers’ breath had a menthol freshness…’

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