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All Shook Up

by | 8th, September 2004

‘AFTER three days spent railing against Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, the Star is fast running out of patience…and adjectives.

‘Do the sheikh and vac and send the mullah back…’

On Monday, the paper demanded action against the ‘mad mullah’, who had apparently told its followers that it was okay to copy the Beslan terrorists and slaughter British kids.

On Tuesday, it was demanding that the Government act to expel the ‘crazed cleric’, who is planning a bash on Saturday to celebrate the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

And this morning, it claims the support of Prime Minister Tony Blair in its campaign to rid the country of this ‘twisted sheikh’ and other ‘hate-filled mullahs’.

Another couple of days of this and the paper will have completely run out of new ways to describe the ‘bearded’ Bakri.

But the Star will not rest until the ‘evil mullah’, who pockets £300-a-week in state handouts, is kicked out of the country.

And it’s got its readership firmly on its side – in yesterday’s phone vote, a ‘staggering’ 99% of readers said Sheikh Omar should be booted out of Britain.

Staggering, indeed – who was the Star reader who dared defy the party line?’

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