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It’s A Boy

by | 10th, September 2004

‘IT’S a boy! It’s a girl! It’s a little Labrador puppy called Bouncer!

‘La-la-la-la. Not listening. La-la-la…’

Given the Mirror’s embarrassing experience last time when it confidently (and wrongly) announced that David Beckham’s second child was a girl, the Sun is taking a big risk this morning.

But it claims that the high-tech device at the London clinic where Victoria Beckham has just had her 13-week scan is so advanced that even at this early stage it can detect a blink in an unborn baby’s eye, let alone the child’s gender.

And it has spoken to a pal of the Beckhams who confirmed that the little foetus was a boy.

‘Everybody knows David and Victoria would have liked a little girl,’ the pal says. ‘It’s fair to say they were a little disappointed, but that soon passed.

‘They’re just looking forward to the new arrival.’

And so are we – not just to see what name Day-vid and Victoria choose this time, but also as one quarter of a future all-Beckham England midfield.

Nor does it matter that young Carlos Beckham will not turn one until a couple of months before the 2006 World Cup – the England squad is full of babies.

That’s the verdict of the Star, which accuses the ‘spoiled soccer prima donnas’ of ‘throwing their toys out of the pram’ after refusing to speak to the media on Wednesday night.

‘Overpaid, Pampered, Pathetic!’ is its verdict on the silent protest after the 2-1 victory over Poland.

‘Has their ever been a more childish, pathetic bunch?’ asks the paper’s chief sports writer Brian Woolnough.

And it’s a view shared – in another rhetorical question – by the Sun’s Richard Littlejohn.

‘Who do they imagine is paying for the Cadillac Escalades, Rolex kettles, bling-bling jewellery, vintage champagne, million-pound mansions and other assorted trappings?’ he asks.

But answer came there none. It’ll be a couple of years before Paella Beckham can speak for his dad…’

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