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What’s The Special?

by | 10th, September 2004

‘IF you’re looking for a good feed and a bride into the bargain, may we recommend Nicolae Tache’s restaurant in the Romanian town of Eforie Sud.

So far, 12 waitresses have resigned after being proposed to by male customers – and Tache has had enough.

He said he was fed up with training staff only to have them marry men who they had met at his restaurant, and he could not replace them as quickly as they were being proposed to.

‘These 12 girls let me down when I least expected it,” he said. “It’s as if this year I had a marriage agency and not a restaurant as a business.”

Tache has put up a notice asking guests to stop marrying his waitresses – and is thinking of hiring all male waiters.

‘What annoys me,” he said, “is that when they came to me for jobs they were almost begging me to hire them because they were all so poor.

‘And then overnight they turn from Cinderellas into princesses.’

And leave him holding the pumpkin…’

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