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Pin Head

by | 10th, September 2004

‘NO conversation on cosmetic surgery is complete without a look at what’s left of the woman called Cher.

‘If I could turn back time…’

And the hot news is that she’s had enough of going under the knife. No, she’s not instead reaching for the spoon, fork or even the chopstick, but has taken to the needle.

The story goes that Cher’s face is wrinkle free, not thanks to Botox, face-lifts or a bow of loose skin tied behind her head but because a medic has been sticking pins into it.

According to Mark Bego, author of such books as Cher!, Cher: If You Believe and Cher And Cher Alike, acupuncture ‘helps to relax the muscles in the face’.

As a result, says he, ‘the skin looks fresher and firmer’.

We’ll have to take his word for it because, as we’ve reported on these pages before, Cher has taken to wearing a mask.

The hydrating facial mask is white and keeps Cher’s face protected from the destructive sun.

You can buy this product from our online shop here at Anorak. Or you can achieve a similar sensation by sticking pins in your eyes.’

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