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Ann Of Cleavage

by | 13th, September 2004

‘BEING “the face of Ann Summers” means that Nancy Sorrell is only recognisable from the cleavage down.

When did you realise you wanted to be famous?

The catalogue model for vibrators, knickers shaped like spiders’ webs and peek-a-boo bras has a face that even her agent can only recognise with the aid of a few well-placed sex aids.

In this week’s OK!, the only love tool in the blonde’s proximity is her husband, Vic Reeves.

He’s also got a tool in his hand, as he strides around the garden “trimming trees and bushes and generally giving Sean Bean’s Lady Chatterley’s lover a run for his money in a fetching tweed ensemble”.

It’s an outfit he keeps on over the course of the photographic montage, while his wife changes into six different creations.

Eschewing the PVC French maid outfit with electric rotating duster in favour of a cloth dress by Wheel & Doll Baby, Nancy settles in to tell us what it’s like living with such a funny man.

Married life is good, says Nancy’s chest. “We’re really enjoying it…it’s nice to be husband and wife.”

And how was it to return to the scene of your marriage one year after the event? (This question addressed to Nancy’s right nipple).

“It was nice to do that,” explains Nancy, “it was nice to go back.”

And now – to Nancy’s left thigh – what do you have to say to those people who thought your marriage wouldn’t last?

“It’s nice to have proved them wrong, to be honest,” says Nancy.

And what of being an “old married couple”, asks OK! of Nancy’s left buttock. What’s that like?

“If we watch TV, I’ll get under a blanket on the sofa and Jim will sit on the armchair. We usually have camomile tea before we go to bed to help us sleep.”

But before we ask if the said tea is stirred by a Rampant Rabbit or the Pulsatron, we find that all Nancy’s niceness has gotten us and OK! a bit tired.

Our eyes are dropping…all the way to Nancy’s breasts.’

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