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That’s Richie

by | 13th, September 2004

‘A FEW words now from Nicole Richie, the blonde star of American reality TV and singer Lionel Richie’s daughter.

The cliff’s that way

She’s all set to star in The Simple Life 2, a programme in which she and Paris Hilton “embark on a modern day Thelma & Louise adventure”.

Let’s hope they have better luck than that fictional pair and don’t end up driving off a cliff.

But before Nicole plunges towards oblivion, she needs to tell us about the non-porn film she’s making, her line of perfume and the book she’s writing.

In the tome, she’ll tell all about her battle with drugs and how she’s glad she did some things, unhappy that she did some other things and not sure if some other things that she hasn’t done would be right or wrong for her.

“A lot of time,” she says, “celebrities or people who have any sort of influence are scared of their own humility and won’t put their egos down and say: ’Well, I made mistakes.’”

Which is certainly what many will say after they’ve bought Nicole’s book…’

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