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by | 14th, September 2004

‘THE average prisoner in the United States spends more than 10 years on Death Row before being executed.

Ruff justice

Thankfully, we do not have capital punishment in this country – but, if we did, there is little indication that justice would be any swifter.

The Telegraph reports today on the case of Dino, sentenced to death three years ago, after biting the hand of a woman who tried to intervene in a fight.

Even in the United States, that might seem a harsh punishment – but the miscreant in this case is a German shepherd dog.

And, ever since the Dangerous Dogs Act was rushed through Parliament, we in this country have – to paraphrase Napoleon – liked to execute our dogs “pour encourager les autres”.

However, the news this morning is that Dino may be spared the chair after the Criminal Cases Review Commission ordered a new appeal of the case.

Owner Brian Lamont has been fighting to save Dino’s life since the original sentence was handed down in July 2001.

He has unsuccessfully appealed to the Crown Court and had an application to the High Court for judicial review and a petition to the House Of Lords rejected.

Even the European Court has got involved, ruling that there had been no breach of Mr Lamont’s human rights.

But, having heard from two experts that Dino was an “exceptionally good” dog, the commission at last ruled in Dino’s favour.

And, says the Telegraph, there is now “a real possibility” that the death sentence will be revoked.

It’s about time. In doggie years, Dino’s been waiting 21 years and counting…’

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