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Cat On A Hot Spin Cycle

by | 14th, September 2004

‘IF cats aren’t clawing at your furniture, killing wildlife and shoving the backsides into your face, they’re getting into mischief.

And Toreilles, a 15-month-old tabby, is no exception. Having snuck out of his home, he went looking for adventure in a neighbour’s house.

And there, he climbed into a washing machine and fell asleep among a load of dirty laundry. Then the machine was switched on. The cycle lasted 60-minutes at 40C.

Toreilles’ owner Debbie Sainsbury, 44, said: ‘Apparently he just dropped out when the door opened. He couldn’t walk but was purring and very much alive – now he’s looking better every day. I think he definitely lost one his nine lives – he’s a very lucky cat.”

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