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by | 15th, September 2004

‘TODAY we learn that the crime that’s causing the celebrity world sleepless nights has claimed another victim. Natasha Bedingfield has had her laptop stolen.

‘Now I’ll have to release all my crap songs instead’

Usually when a fledgling popstar, such as Natasha, loses her computer, it’s full of picture of her and some man in an intimate clinch.

But Natasha is different – her laptop contained no pictures of her naked, rather the music and lyrics from her latest work.

The Sun hears that the singer is “devastated”, while her music company is said to be in a ”state of panic” that the music may be lost to the world forever.

Catching his breath and panting hard into a brown paper bag, a record industry type manages to talk.

“She is the biggest name to hit the charts in years,” he gasps. “The material on that computer could be worth millions.”

Let’s just hope – and fingers crossed everyone – there’s another copy of this rich body of work on disc or back at the record firm’s HQ.

And to all you showbiz types out there, let’s stop leaving your laptops in places where they can be nicked.

Who do you think you are, MI6 agents..?’

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