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Swag Bag

by | 15th, September 2004

‘MARGARET Thatcher used to carry a brick in her handbag in order to maximise the punch as she famously flailed her way through European politics.

Oooo…get her!

The Queen – somewhat bizarrely – carries a purse, but no cash.

But a survey of 1,700 ordinary women discovered that the average bag is much more worth stealing – with its contents, it is worth £577.

Most women have a bag worth about £30, in which there are 10 items – a purse worth £15, £50 in cash, a £199 mobile phone, £50 sunglasses, £8 hairbrush, £40 of perfume, house and car keys (which would cost £100 to replace) and a leather diary worth £35.

In addition, the average make-up bag and its contents is worth £50.

That, at least, is what women admit to having in their handbag.

A survey in Anorak Towers found that in addition most bags contained a packet of cough sweets (56p), a pack of three condoms (£1.99), a gram of cocaine (£50) and a spare pair of knickers (£17).

Oh, and the phone number of the cute guy who works in the sandwich shop opposite (Priceless).’

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