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Down To A T

by | 15th, September 2004

‘BRITNEY Spears likes to keep us up to date with what’s going on in her complicated love life via a series of slogans on her T-shirts.

Let the train take the strain

A couple of weeks ago, she was spotted out and about with the legend “Mrs Federline” emblazoned across her chest.

A bit premature, we noted at the time, but a sensible precaution perhaps given her penchant for rounding off a night on the ale with a trip up the aisle.

This week, we catch up with Britney again (via the pages of Hello!) with a new shirt and a new message – “He loves me.”

This being America, we would ordinarily assume that the “he” in question was God, who seems to favour our Yankee cousins over all his other creations.

But in Britney’s case, we suspect that the “he” is husband-to-be Kevin Federline, whose two-year-old daughter Kori she had taken along on her shopping trip.

This got us thinking and, as an early wedding present, we have taken the trouble to send Britney a few T-shirts from the Anorak store.

So, expect to see the pop princess out in the next few weeks with shirts bearing slogans like “I’m Pissed – Marry Me!”, “He’s only after me for my cash” and “Mrs Whoever”…’

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