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Sofia, So Good

by | 15th, September 2004

‘HAS screen legend Sofia Loren joined the UK Independence Party?

‘I feela Fanta-astica’

We only ask because the 70-year-old Italian actress has taken on the uniquely orange hue of that party’s champion, Robert Kilroy-Silk.

Perhaps, she is an early beneficiary of Kilroy’s mission to create a Europe in his own image. Maybe, she frequents the same tanning salon as the Arab-hating former talk-show host.

Or it could be that Sofia is orange on her own accord.

The woman herself is not saying.

When asked by Hello! for the secret of her enduring beauty, Loren replies: “There is a secret…and I’m not telling, because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?”

In fact, only three people in the world know the beauty secret of a woman often voted the most beautiful woman of the 20th Century – Sofia herself, a plasterer from Leytonstone and us here at Anorak.

And we’re not saying either – preferring to file away this bit of information in our drawer marked Top Secret.

Along with the recipe for Coca-Cola, the whereabouts of Lord Lucan and the Colonel’s recipe of 11 different herbs and spices…’

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