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Tally Ho!

by | 17th, September 2004

‘THE whole fox-hunting debate would be made a lot simpler if the glorified vermin would just speak up for themselves.

Horsey-types for courses

But whether out of fear or stupidity, the fox isn’t speaking, leading the papers to look elsewhere for a few words on the debate that’s making the world sit up and laugh.

This leads the Star to give a call to hunt protestor Gemma Richards, who stood outside the corridors of power dressed in pair of jodhpurs and a bra.

Above her head she held aloft a banner which read: “THIS FINE FILLY HUNTS.”

The suggestion seems to be that not all hunting types are chinless wonders and that hunting can get you laid.

Today’s Gemma says that not putting her shirt on ”was the best way I could draw attention to our cause”.

And by “our cause”, she means the pro-hunting cause and not the Star’s cause, which is to look at every news item from the viewpoint of an upturned nipple.

And neither is it the Mail’s cause, which is less worried about the issues than it is about the royal links of some of the protestors.

So, in “THE RIGHT ROYAL REBELS”, the Mail uses its front page to reveal how five of the eight pro-hunting demonstrators who stormed the House of Commons have “strong links” to the Royal Family.

Luke Tomlinson, we hear, plays polo with Prince Harry. Robert Thame plays the same game with Prince Charles. Singer Bryan Ferry’s son, Otis, knows Harry well.

Nick Wood is a chef who has cooked for the Queen. And John Holliday has a photograph of himself hunting with Prince Charles hanging on his kitchen wall.

The identity of the other three is not revealed, but they are described respectively as being middle-aged and having FA Cup ears, of being tall and receding and of having ginger hair and a big fat spliff…’

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