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A Reich Mess

by | 17th, September 2004

‘WHERE parody once used to follow the object it was parodying, these days it anticipates it.

‘All I vont is a little piece…of Poland’

And so it was only a matter of time before someone who had watched Mel Brooks’ The Producers when they were younger brought Springtime For Hitler to the cinema.

The result is actually called The Downfall – and is, according to its German producer, an attempt to “break the taboos and demonisation” surrounding the Nazi leader.

Several commentators, says the Independent, hailed the £9m film as ushering in a new historical evaluation of the country’s darkest era.

The only problem is…it sucks.

Der Spiegel described it as “as harmless and superficial as a television soap opera”.

Berlin’s Der Tagesspiegel said it was “far too long, ridiculous and ultimately banal”, claiming that the director had involuntarily turned out “the worst comedy of the year”.

And cinemagoers were equally unimpressed. After sitting through the full 170 minutes, Egon Savelsberg said: “I am left with no special emotion”.

We mention this only because no doubt The Downfall will open in British cinemas in a few weeks.

“Comedy of the year,” said one German newspaper; “Special,” said a cinemagoer…’

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