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by | 20th, September 2004

‘ON a slow news day, the tabloids can always rely on a Britney Spears wedding to fill the front page.

‘Ooops…I did it again’

And today is no different – the pop princess got married at the weekend for the second time this year in a ceremony that even OK! would struggle to describe as anything but tacky.

But thankfully OK! wasn’t called upon to play verbal Rumpelstiltskin and spin this final straw for Britney’s mum Lynne into romantic gold.

Invitations were restricted to just 15 guests for what the Sun calls a ‘hush-hush’ ceremony at Scott Hill’s house in the San Fernando valley in California.

But it was the wedding outfits that really caught the eye.

Regular Anorak readers will know that Britney has taken to communicating with the outside world via slogans on her T-shirts.

The wedding was no different – Britney and husband du jour Kevin Federline both wore white tracksuits, hers emblazoned with Mrs Federline, his with The Pimp.

And the guests were also dressed in tracksuits, the men in white with ‘Pimps’ written on the back and the women (including Britney’s mum and sister) in pink with ‘Maids’ written on.

According to the Sun, the wedding menu was just as low-rent, consisting of Britney’s favourite foods, hamburgers and chicken wings.

However, the Star claims that the wedding itself was a Kabbalah-style ceremony and that makes Britney the first celeb Kabbalah bride.

If so, the clock is now counting down to the time when she becomes the first Kabbalah divorcee.

But at least the guests will have their memories of the happy day, as well as a large bar bill – they apparently had to buy their own drinks – and a goodie bag.

An insider tells the Star: ‘The guests all got gift bags containing a pair of jeans, a packet of sweets called Chew Juicy, a pair of shoe laces and a silver teardrop key ring with an image of the happy couple cuddling inside.’

Kevin’s mum Colette said: ‘There was nothing I would have changed.’

Maybe, a pack of Starbursts instead of Chew Juicy…and a different daughter-in-law.’

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