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Crucible Nerves

by | 20th, September 2004

‘WELL, at least we know one thing – the upsurge in violence in Iraq has nothing to do with hunting.

Iyad Allawi fools Blair with the old Superglue trick

At no time in Tony Blair’s joint press conference with Iyad Allawi, the interim prime minister of Iraq, was mention made of the fight in Iraq being part of the wider war against hunting with hounds.

Of course, not saying something is not the same as denying it, and a thoughtful speaker like Blair is wisely leaving his options open.

But the Telegraph does hear him say yesterday that Iraq has become a ‘crucible’ in which ‘the battle against global terrorism will be determined’.

What before the US-led invasion had been a land ruled by a despot is now a seething hotbed of international terrorism.

And while we applaud how the removal of Saddam Hussein from power (an original premise for the war) has altered the lot for the typical Iraqi, the Times hears Blair’s next assertion.

‘Now is not the time for the international community to divide or disagree but to come together behind what is happening in Iraq,’ says he.

It seems right that the United Nations and major powers should help make the two rounds of Iraqi elections scheduled for January and December next year valid and peaceful

But the Independent cannot help but notice how Blair’s rhetoric contains echoes of Bush’s ‘you are with us or you are with the terrorists’ approach.

‘I know that the conflict in Iraq was a deeply divisive issue and there are all sorts of questions still being asked,’ says Blair.

‘I do say to people that, in this new Iraqi conflict, whatever the disagreements about the removal of Saddam, there is only one side for sensible and decent people to be on.’

So let’s get 100% of the good folks to support our leader 100%.

It’s what Tony wants – and what the Iraqi people are used to giving their leaders…’

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