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by | 20th, September 2004

‘IT’S been suggested that the biggest passion killer known to man is the American accent.

‘I always feel a right dickhead when I wear a condom’

For this reason, we have long advocated the watching of American porn with the volume turned down and a copy of the Grimethorpe Colliery Band’s rousing LP, Stars In Brass, on the turntable.

We’ve lobbied the American porn barons and legislators on this very issue, but they have been too distracted to take action.

The Guardian says that health and safety experts in California – where 6,000 people are employed by 200 porn producers – have noticed that some films contravene the local law.

As local health officer Susan Gard says: ‘Any employer whose workers are exposed to potentially infectious material, such as semen or vaginal fluids, must follow state regulations covering workplaces.

‘Any bodily fluid is considered infectious. This means barrier equipment must be used.’

This equipment does not take the form of a pillow down the centre of a bed or two singles divided by a protective bedside cabinet, but a condom.

And now two porn producers who have ignored the rule have been fined.

This is, apparently, a big deal in the porn game. And we wait to see what will happen.

But we do support the health campaigners, and remind all Americans that engaging in sexual relations without a condom means gambling with your life.

Or if your name’s Barbara and George Bush, gambling with everyone else’s…’

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