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Sam Ties The Knot

by | 20th, September 2004

‘SAM and Andy tied the knot this week and poor Sam is soon to find out if Andy will honour to love her “for richer or poorer,” when he tries to fleece her for everything she’s got.

The happy couple

Minty overheard Andy talking to his financial advisor in the Square (where of course all secretive business deals are done) about the papers he needed to get his new bride to sign. “Don’t worry,” smirked Andy. “She’ll believe anything I say.”

Because one of the East End’s most “dangerous villains” would of course he desperate to add half a snooker hall and a back street garage to complete his empire, wouldn’t he?

Minty tried to convince Sam that Andy was only after her money, but the dumb blonde refuses to believe it. Mind you, a woman whose previous husband was Ricky clearly hasn’t got any sort of standards at all.

Peggy Mitchell returned to Walford to see her only daughter walk up the aisle, and clearly dumb blondeness runs in the family as she was completely taken in by Andy too.

“You’ve got a good one there,” she told Sam as she kissed her and saw her off on her honeymoon.

Now Peggy’s back, she’s determined to “put the Mitchell’s back on the amp” (and sort out the ratings slide). She’s already bitch-slapped Kate and told her to leave Walford for two-timing Phil.

“Same old Peggy,” sighed Kate. That’s where she’s wrong – Peggy’s definitely wearing a new wig.

More shocking entrances this week as Vicky’s introduced her family to her new college boyfriend, Tommy.

Sharon and Chrissie were taken aback to discover that Tommy wasn’t the spotty Travis fan they’d been expecting but actually her fortysomething tutor.

It’s ironic that a woman married to an Internet pervert and another who’s slept with her brother feel qualified to comment on anyone’s relationship, but that’s family for you.’

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