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by | 21st, September 2004

‘ANORAK has friends in high places and we are glad to hear our old friend Sir Ivor Roberts echo our view that President Bush is ”Al Qaeda’s best recruiting sergeant”.

”Vote Bush!”

The Mail reports that the British ambassador to Italy made the remark in what was supposed to be an off-the-record conference in Tuscany at the weekend.

Sir Ivor reportedly told his hosts: ”If anyone is ready to celebrate the eventual re-election of Bush, it’s Al Qaeda.”

But if Bush is Osama Bin Laden’s best recruiting sergeant, then the British security services are pretty effective aides-de-camp.

The Sun has news of yet another security shambles after top-secret anti-terror plans were found in a plastic Tesco carrier bag on a train.

A warehouse worker from Essex apparently found the bag containing four CDs on the seat of a train and, when he found out what they contained, did his civic duty and handed them straight into the Sun.

”I was staggered they had been left in a scruffy Tesco carrier bag on a commuter train,” he said.

”Terrorists could have got hold of this CD and, after detonating a chemical bomb in London, used these to make further strikers on people escaping.”

The CD, which contained evacuation plans in case of an attack on the capital, reveal that the Highway Agency has already built special signs ready for use during a major alert.

They say: ”London Closed: Leave At Next Junction.” Or, as it’s more commonly known: ”M25 2 Miles.”’

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