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by | 21st, September 2004

‘FROM the Magic Roundabout to Captain Pugwash, children’s television has operated at one level for the nippers and another for their mums and dads.

Dom (head) and Dick (head)

On the one hand, Bill and Ben were two flower pot men; on another, they were political satirists of the highest order and most likely homosexual.

The little weed spoke for itself.

So the Times’ news on the BBC show Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow comes as no surprise to adults, but impressionable children may like to avert their eyes now lest they be mentally ruined.

It seems that Dominic Wood, who co-hosts the show with his close male friend Dick, presented one show while wearing a T-shit on which was printed the legend ”MORNING WOOD.”

To children this is entirely in keeping with both the presenter’s name and the fact that the programme goes out on a Saturday morning.

It may even be deemed to be smart, a play on words.

But to Ofcom, the media regulator, it’s too clever by half, offensive even, and they say that the presenter and his production team should have known of the slogan’s additional sexual meaning.

We have no idea what they mean. But the upshot is that from now on all children’s telly presenters must have the clothes they intend to wear on screen vetted.

And Dick will from now on be known as Peter. Not Blue Peter, you understand, just Peter…’

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